• do you love infants?  the smell of a newborn baby?  do you like stinky diapers?  The nursery team is for you!

    Talk to Jacob if you would like to join the Nursery team.  We are always looking for dedicated individuals who will not only do the big things but invest in the small things to fulfill the vision of @ FJC.  

  • Are you a singer, guitarist, pianist, keyboardist, do you have any rhythm?  the worship team wants you!

    For those of you who have been blessed in the area of vocal and instrumental music we are looking for individuals who want to be apart of the team.  Talk to Pastor Ryan or Christina for more information. 

  • do you send your jh kiddo to youth group because you need a break?  wait... that wasnt a good starting point... the student ministry needs yoU!

    Our student ministry offers a wonderful opportunity to invest in the spiritual and relational development of our kiddos.  There are so many different ways you could invest your time

  • Do you enjoy switches, knobs, buttons?  Join the AV team.

    We use the Behringer x32 digital sound board and well equipped Windows computer.  If you have any talent in the AV department we would love to have you on the team.  Speak with James Reid or Ryan Wiemelt for more information. 

  • are you easily excitable?  do you like shaking hands and giving hugs?  join the greeting team. 

    Greeters are always needed, whether its from the front door, to coffee hospitality, to a smiling face in the worship room.  If you are interested in this team talk to Mike.  He's always at the front door, you cant miss him!